Glossary of Terms

Every Product needs one.
Avatar - Representation of a user or player in a video game, social application, or other environments. Refers specifically to Ready Player Me cross-platform avatars.
Avatar Creator - A web-based tool and interface for creating Ready Player Me avatars interactively. The Avatar Creator can be integrated into apps and web pages.
Cross-platform avatar - A player avatar that can be used on more than one platform. Player-created and managed avatars that can be imported into games, social platforms, and other apps that support the technology.
GLB file - Stands for “GL Transmission Format Binary file”. A standardized file format that is used to share 3D data, for example, the data for a 3D avatar model.
NFTs - Short for Non Fungible Token. Exists on a blockchain and identifies a digital asset that can represent real-world object, often a work of art.
Ready Player Me HUB - Web portal where registered users can create, save, and manage their avatars and the applications where they use them.
Ready Player Me SDK - Developer kit for integrating Ready Player Me avatars into games, apps, websites, and other applications on multiple platforms. See this documentation for details.
Shortcode - A unique code that identifies a Ready Player Me avatar and can be used in lieu of a full URL to access the avatar information.