Mannequin animation retargeting

How to retarget animations from Mannequin to Ready Player Me avatars.

Ready Player Me full-body avatar skeleton is not compatible with the Mannequin skeleton. To apply Mannequin animations to the Ready Player Me avatars, the animations need to be retargeted using an IK retargeter.

  1. Find in a file explorer: [PROJECT_NAME]/Plugins/ReadyPlayerMe/Resources/

  2. Add the control rig and the IK rig directly to the Content folder of your project.

  3. If you need to retarget animations from UE4 Mannequin, the same can be done for the IK retargeter for UE4 Mannequin, make sure that the file Content > Characters > Mannequin_UE4 > Rigs > IK_UE4Mannequin exists.

  4. You can move those files to other folders from the UnrealEngine's Content Browser afterward.

  5. If you retarget an Animation Blueprint it will retarget and create a copy of every animation and blendspaces that is used in the blueprint as well as create a new Animation Blueprint. Right-click on the ABP_Manny Retarget Animation Assets > Duplicate and Retarget Animation Blueprint, This will open the retargeting window.

  6. Select the newly added IK Retargeter, set the folder for the retargeted animations, and click Retarge. This will create an animation blueprint along with all of the retargeted animations.

  7. Once the process is complete we should end up with animations and/or animation blueprints that work with our Ready Player Me avatar.

  8. The default third-person template comes with the CR_BasicFootIK Control Rig, which uses bones specific to the Mannequin skeleton. We need to change the control rig in the animation blueprint to use CR_RPM_BasicFootIK in order for it to work with our skeleton.

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