Avatar Creator Integration

Integrate the Ready Player Me Avatar Creator in your Unity application.

You have two options to provide Avatar customization for your users.

  • Integrate the plug-and-play Web Avatar Creator via Webview.

  • Build your own Avatar Creator in Unity using the Unity SDK.

The following sections will help you decide whether to use the WebView approach or build your own.

Integrate the Web Avatar Creator via WebView

The Web Avatar Creator runs inside a browser (WebView) within your application. It communicates via PostMessage with your application (e.g. returns the Avatar URL).


  • You will always have the latest Ready Player Me Avatar Creator features without any coding necessary.

  • Plug and Play.

  • Integration can be done in a few minutes.


Read more on WebView Avatar Creator for Unity.

Build your own Avatar Creator in Unity

With the help of the SDK, you can create your own Avatar Creator in Unity. You can make use of all the assets as well as the backend of Ready Player Me. Check out the examples to see all available features.


  • Fully customizable UX/UI as it is natively built in Unity.

  • Runs on all platforms that Unity supports

  • Includes ready-to-use examples.

  • You can remove (and add) features as you like.


  • Takes more work to integrate.

  • You carry the maintenance load when Ready Player Me introduces new features.

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