WebView 2.0 Migration

As of WebView 2.0 a number of changes have been made to isolate the WebView module from the rest of the Ready Player Me Unity SDK.

This means that the classes and logic required to work with an iFrame (AKA a WebView), that is running Web Avatar Creator have now been moved to the Ready Player Me Core module. This change enables developers to utilize API's for working with any iFrame, without requiring the installation of our WebView package.

As such the following classes are now located in the Ready Player Me Core module:

  • WebViewMessageHelper

  • UrlConfig

  • WebMessage

  • MessagePanel

  • WebMessageHelper

  • WebViewEvents

As a result of this change if you have any scripts that reference these classes you will need to update the namespace to use ReadyPlayerMe.Core instead of ReadyPlayerMe.WebView, be sure to update the import statements in these scripts.

For example:

using ReadyPlayerMe.WebView;

Should be updated to:

using ReadyPlayerMe.Core;

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