Ready Player Me Animation Library

Ready Player Me full-body avatars are compatible with our game-ready animation library.

It contains the initial batch of 200+ high-quality motion-captured animations retargeted to Ready Player Me character armatures. We provide these animations free for you to use in your projects as per the license found here.

Check out the Package on GitHub


  • Unreal Engine 4.27 or higher

  • Ready Player Me Unreal SDK Plugin found here

    • details for import and setup are in the README

  • glTFRuntime plugin found here

This guide assumes that you have already installed the Ready Player Me Unreal SDK and glTFRuntime plugins which is required for loading our avatars.

Project setup process

  1. Download the animation pack

  2. Open up your Unreal Engine project

  3. Select the Masculine_TPose.fbx file and import it into the project (e.g drag and drop the file into editor)

    This will be used to generate the skeleton asset that our animations will use*

  4. The FBX Import Options should look like this. Make sure to set the Skeleton to None so it generates a new skeleton.

  5. Click Import or Import All

  6. Select all the animation files you want and import them into Unreal Engine Make sure that it is using the skeleton imported from step 3!

  7. Next find the Masculine_TPose skeleton and right click. From the menu go to Create > Create animation blueprint.

  8. From here add the animations and setup the animator states as needed

Loading avatars with new animations

  1. Find the RPM actor blueprint BP_RPM_Actor and either edit or right click and create a child class from it that you can edit.

  2. Drag this Actor BP into your map

  3. Select it in the hierarchy and click on the Skeletal Mesh Component from the Details panel

  4. Select the Ready Player Me Component and set the Target Skeleton to your newly imported skeleton

  5. Set the Url Shortcode to an avatar URL you wish to load

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