Elevate user interfaces with our icon guidelines, incorporating clear and consistent iconography to enhance communication and streamline user interactions.

Apps and games use a variety of simple icons to help people understand the items, actions, and modes they can choose. Unlike app icons, which can use rich visual details like shading, texturing, and highlighting to evoke the app’s personality, an interface icon typically uses streamlined shapes and touches of color to communicate a straightforward idea.

❌ Avoid overcomplicating interface icons with unnecessary details or intricate shapes. Icons should be easily recognizable and understandable at a glance, without requiring users to decipher complex visuals.

❌ Do not mix different visual styles or icon sets within your app or game. Inconsistency in icon design can lead to confusion and a lack of clarity in conveying meaning to users.

❌ Avoid using icons that may be unclear or ambiguous in their meaning. Test your icons with a diverse group of users to ensure their understanding aligns with your intended representation.

❌ Refrain from using colors that conflict with the overall user interface or create confusion. Ensure that the color choices in your icons align with the app or game's overall color scheme and remain visually harmonious. For customizing avatar editors colors you can use Ready Player Me STUDIO.

✅ Design interface icons with clarity and simplicity in mind. Use streamlined shapes and avoid unnecessary visual details or complexity. Icons should convey their meaning quickly and effectively to users.

✅ Establish a consistent visual language for your interface icons. Maintain a cohesive style across all icons within your app or game to create a unified and recognizable visual identity.

✅ Utilize metaphors that are easily understandable and associated with the intended action, item, or mode. Use commonly recognized symbols or representations that resonate with users.

✅ Use color purposefully in interface icons to aid communication. Select colors that enhance visibility and distinguish between different actions or categories. However, avoid excessive or conflicting colors that might overwhelm or confuse users.

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