Avatar Creator Appearance

Configure and customize the Avatar Creator. Register your app, create a subdomain, and manage your settings.

The Avatar Creator is a web-based, device-agnostic, and ready-to-use way of integrating the avatar creation and editing process into your game.

1. Set up your app's Avatar Creator

Sign in to Studio (Developer Dashboard) to customize your Avatar Creator. If you have no account yet, you can create one for free.

After you sign-up / sign in, you will see your first application already set up.

Once created, your subdomain is public, and users will immediately see any changes you make.

2. Configure your Avatar Creator

After you click on the app, you can modify and customize your Avatar Creator with the settings below.

Body type

Let users choose or default to a body type.

In the demo Avatar Creator (https://demo.readyplayer.me), by default, the first step for the user is to choose between a full-body and half-body avatar.

You can can change the default Body Type setting and define full-body or half-body as the default body type, and not give the user the freedom to choose. Click Save to apply your changes.

Language picker

Let users choose, or default to the system/browser language.

By default, users will see a language picker as shown below on the Avatar Creator.

You can enable or disable the language picker, and the Avatar Creator will default to the user's chosen system/browser language. Click Save to apply the changes.

Avatar creation success window

After successful avatar creation, the popup shown below displays the avatar URL to the user. With this URL, users can download the GLB file for their avatar.

Disable the Download the avatar popup to prevent users from accessing their avatars via URL. Click Save to apply your change.

Avatar shortcode

After successful avatar creation, you can opt to display the avatar shortcode above the avatar URL. Users receive a 6-digit code they can use in your application to load the avatar. This is especially useful for VR and mixed reality applications because avatar creation via WebView can be difficult.

Turn on the Avatar Shortcode setting to show users the avatar shortcode. Note that entering or clicking a shortcode in the browser will download the avatar GLB.

If you are using the Unity or Unreal Ready Player Me SDK's you only need the shortcode itself EG KJIXZB. The SDK will convert it into a valid URL automatically.

QR code to download avatar

After successful avatar creation, you can a link to the avatar . Scanning the code downloads the avatar.

Enable or disable this setting. Click Save to apply the changes.

Body Shapes

Users are able to select between different body shape presets while creating a full-body avatar.

Enable or disable this setting. Click Save to apply the changes.


Choose a light (default), dark, or create your own custom theme for the Avatar Creator to best match the user's overall experience with your app.

Click the Theme tab and select the theme that matches your app or game.

With custom theme, you can make more in-depth adjustments to Avatar Creator and see the preview of the changes as you make them. Click Save to apply the changes.

More Avatar Creator configurations

See the Avatar Creator API Reference on how to affect the following and other Avatar Creator settings via postMessage by URL.

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