Avatar Creator for WebGL

Let users create avatars in your Unity WebGL applications.

Players can create Ready Player Me avatars seamlessly within a Unity WebGL application.


Ready Player Me SDK. You need the Ready Player Me SDK for Unity installed with your project to retrieve avatars. See the Quickstart guide for download and setup instructions.

Ready Player Me WebGL Sample

To run the WebGL Sample you will need to do as follows:

  1. Open the Unity Package manager by going to Window/Package Manager

  2. Find and select the Ready Player Me Core package

  3. On the right side of the window open the Samples section

  4. Find the WebGLSample and the click Import button

  5. After it imports you should get a popup asking if you want to auto import the WebGLTemplate, we recommend you click OK

  6. After all that is complete you should see the WebGL sample is imported and can be found in the Assets/Samples/Ready Player Me Core/VERSION_NUMBER/WebGLSample folder

  7. In there you will find a Scenes folder with the example scene

  8. You can add this into your build settings if you want to test it out. As this uses a WebGL template to display the iFrame it will not work in Editor

  9. Lastly if you have set everything up correctly you can build and run for WebGL to run the WebGLSample scene

If you had errors importing or you did not receive the auto import popup you can manually import the RpmWebGLTemplate by importing the Unity package which can be found in the project hierarchy under Packages/Ready Player Me Core/Editor/WebView/RpmWebGLTemplate.unitypackage.

You may also need to manually adjust the WebGL Player settings to use the WebGLTemplate named RPMTemplate

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