Craft user-friendly experiences using our layout guidelines, ensuring intuitive arrangement and visual hierarchy that optimize engagement and ease of navigation.

By employing a flexible layout that suits different situations, you can create a user-friendly experience and enable people to enjoy their favorite app or game seamlessly across all their devices. Create a layout that looks good and stays the same even when things change. When people turn their device, make the window smaller or use a different device, they should still recognize and be comfortable with your game or app and the implemented avatar editor.

❌ Avoid designing layouts that are fixed and rigid, unable to adapt to different screen sizes and orientations. Neglecting responsive design can result in a poor user experience, with elements appearing crowded or inaccessible on certain devices.

❌ Inconsistent visual elements and interactions can confuse users and make the experience feel disjointed.

❌ Avoid disregarding Ready Player Me’s guidelines and recommendations for safe areas, margins, and other layout considerations. Neglecting these guidelines can lead to interface elements being cut off, overlapped, or improperly positioned on certain devices.

❌ Do not overuse or complicate the implementation of the avatar editor. Too many modals and modifications can make the layout difficult to manage and may impact the overall usability of your app or game. To make the user experience more accessible, avoid using headers in your modals that contain Ready Player Me, as this can be redundant and waste valuable space.

βœ… Create a flexible layout that adapts to different screen sizes, orientations, and devices. Ensure your app or game looks good and remains functional even when viewed on smaller screens or different devices.

βœ… Maintain a consistent visual design and user experience across different devices. Users should be able to recognize and navigate your app or game seamlessly, regardless of the device they are using.

βœ… Use as much space as possible or full screen for opening the avatar editor for great and native user experience. You can customize the colors and font of the avatar editor in Ready Player Me STUDIO.

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