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Frequently asked questions by Unity developers.

Is there a way to cache (store) avatars locally to reuse them without downloading each time?

Yes. Starting with SDK 1.12.0, avatars are cached at runtime and therefore loading much faster. See Avatar Caching.

Can I create an avatar directly in-engine?

Yes, check out "Build your own Avatar Creator" section in the documentation.

How do I customize a GLB model in Unity?

Important: This question is about getting and customizing the actual model, not about using the avatar in your app.

You need to download your avatar, import it into Blender, make the changes, then save, export, and re-import into Unity.

  1. Create and download the avatar.

  2. Import the downloaded GLB file into Blender by selecting File > Import > gITF 2.0 (.glb/gltf).

  3. Edit the model as desired.

  4. Go to the Texture Paint tab.

  5. In the Image Editor panel, select View.

  6. Select each texture from the drop-down at the top.

  7. When done, select Image/Save As… (or Shift + Alt + S) to save.

  8. Export your model as an FBX selecting File > Export > FBX (.fbx).

  9. Import your model and textures into Unity.

  10. Click the FBX avatar in the Assets pane.

  11. In the Inspector, change the Location to Use External Materials (Legacy) and apply.

  12. If some base textures don’t appear, click on the body part and manually assign the texture to the correct map (Albedo).

How do I change the Render Pipeline of my Unity Project with avatars to URP?

There are no specifics when it comes to changing the render pipeline with Ready Player Me avatars. Depending on the Unity version you use, you need to follow the general guide for changing the Render Pipeline.

See the Unity Documentation

Why is my avatar not decomposed?

For most use cases it is best to have a single mesh and a minimum number of texture atlases to minimize draw calls per avatar and maximize performance in your application. However, if you need to have your avatar decomposed into multiple pieces, you can do so by turning off the atlasing on the Avatar Configuration. See Avatar Configuration.

How can I integrate the Avatar Creator into my VR application?

Yes, we recommend using the "Build your own Avatar Creator" method to integrate avatar creation experience into your game. There are samples to get started quickly.

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