Photo Capture Element

The PhotoCaptureElement allows users to create an avatar from a selfie. The PhotoCaptureElement starts the camera of the device. After the user confirms, the subelement PhotoConfirmationElement fires an event with a Texture2D that can be passed to the AvatarManager to create an avatar draft (instead of a template).

Supported Platforms

  • iOS, Android

  • Desktop

You can also provide your own functionality to upload an existing photo and pass the texture information to the AvatarManager to create a draft avatar. Because Unity lacks native support for a file picker, we decided not to offer this functionality in the SDK.


The PhotoCaptureElement fires the OnPhotoCaptured event after the capture button is pressed. The prefab is set up in a way so that the output of the PhotoConfirmationElement waits for the Photo to be captured.

public UnityEvent<Texture2D> OnPhotoCaptured;

The PhotoConfirmationElement fires the OnPhotoConfirmed event after the confirmation button is pressed.

public UnityEvent<Texture2D> OnPhotoConfirmed;


You can exchange all the buttons. Please be aware that the Unity events are being used in the hierarchy, and make sure you re-create the same events on your new buttons. You can also embed the element in whatever container element you'd like.

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