WebView Avatar Creator

Integrate the plug-and-play web Avatar Creator in a WebView (Browser) in your game or app.

The WebView Avatar Creator is a web-based, device-agnostic, and ready-to-use way of integrating the avatar creation and editing process into your game.

In Unreal Engine 5, you can integrate the Ready Player Me Avatar Creator using the Ready Player Me WebView open-source plugin.

The Avatar Creator in Unreal Engine only works from UE 5.0.1 and higher and currently supports only the PC platform.

For all other platforms, see Custom Avatar Creator.

Download the plugin

You can add the latest released version of the WebView open-source plugin to your project and see it working in the WebViewDemo map.

Follow the steps in the ReadMe and learn how the plugin works and how to set it up.

Check out the integration in the UnrealExamples sample project.

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