Unity SDK 5.0.0

Update Guide

It is recommended that you backup your project before updating, especially if you are not using source control.

  1. Remove previous plugin versions via the Unity Package Manager

    • Ready Player Me Core

    • Ready Player Me WebView

    • gltFast

  2. Remove any Ready Player Me samples

    1. Delete the Assets/Samples/Ready Player Me Core folder

    2. Delete the Assets/Samples/Ready Player Me WebView folder (if it exists)

  3. Import the latest version of the Unity SDK via the package manager using this url https://github.com/readyplayerme/rpm-unity-sdk-core.git

  4. Add any other missing packages (optional)

    • If you are using Ready Player Me WebView and it did not automatically install, you can manually add it from the Unity Package Manager from the git url https://github.com/readyplayerme/rpm-unity-sdk-webview.git

    • If for some reason Unity glTFast did not install automatically you can also add the package by name from the Package Manager com.unity.cloud.gltfast@6.0

  5. Add Ready Player Me Samples (optional)

    1. Since we removed the old samples, you will need to import the new samples if you wish to use them. Please be aware that some things may have changed. If needed you can refer to your backup of the old samples.

  6. Upgrade outdated API's (please refer to the API changes section below)

API Changes

Sample Namespaces

All sample scripts are wrapped in a namespace following the convention.

namespace ReadyPlayerMe.Samples.SampleName
namespace ReadyPlayerMe.Samples.LegacyAvatarCreator

So just be aware that if you have any scripts that reference any sample classes you will need to add additional using statements to your script. For example:

using ReadyPlayerMe.Samples.SampleName;

WebRequest class name changes

As part of a refactor we renamed the following classes to follow a more uniform request naming convention.

AuthenticationRequests.cs -> AuthAPIRequests.cs
PartnerAssetsRequests -> AssetAPIRequests.cs

As such if you reference any of these classes you will need to update with the new naming like shown in the below example

// Old API
await AuthenticationRequests.SendCodeToEmail(email, userSession.Id);
// New API
await AuthAPIRequests.SendCodeToEmail(email, userSession.Id);

Removal of Endpoint classes

As part of a big refactor we removed our static endpoint classes in favor of isolating the endpoints inside the web request classes that use them. As such the following classes have been removed.


If for some reason you would like to find or use an endpoint for custom functionality we do not provide can take a look at our API request classes contact our support team for a feature request. The API request classes can be found in the Runtime/AvatarCreator/Scripts/WebRequests folder.

glTFast version update to 6.0.1

This update includes some minor changes to enable us to update to glTFast version 6.0.1. The change only effects our GltFastGameObjectInstantiator.cs. This change does not effect other scripts however it does mean that Unity SDK 5.0.0 will not work with older versions of glTFast.

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