Signup Element

Users can sign up at the Ready Player Me website to use their avatars in hundreds of virtual worlds. Make sure you display this element before saving an avatar if the user is not already signed in. The signup process is asynchronous, and the user can continue with your app/game, but will receive an email invitation to sign up later.

Please make sure you have this element in place before saving the avatar. Ready Player Me is a free product; we can only continue to provide the services for free, when we also benefit from the users.


The SignupElement can trigger two UnityEvents.

  • OnSendEmail will send an email to the user via the AuthManager.

  • OnContinueWithoutSignup does not send an email.

Regardless of which button the user clicks, you can proceed with the saving process in your AvatarCreator script.


The SignupElement is a simple panel that you can add to your Hierarchy. You can customize the UI freely, but must link the InputField, the Send Email Button, and the Continue Without Email Button in the Inspector.

Do not remove or modify the text of this element.

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