Facial Animations

Add facial animations to your avatars for maximum social presence.

Eye blinking

To implement eye blinking in your avatar, it's necessary to configure two blend shapes, named EyeBlinkLeft and EyeBlinkRight, within your avatar's configuration. Ensure these blend shapes are specified in the avatar configuration to have them included and functional in your avatars. This setup enables the realistic simulation of eye blinking, enhancing the avatar's lifelike appearance and expressiveness.

The Ready Player Me SDK includes a straightforward script designed to animate eye blinking. This script automatically identifies the morph targets EyeBlinkLeft and EyeBlinkRight and executes the blinking animation at a predefined interval. To utilize this functionality, attach the script to the root of the player avatar's Game Object. This integration ensures that the avatar exhibits natural blinking behavior, enhancing the realism of the virtual experience.

Eye gazing

The avatars feature a LeftEye and RightEye bone within their armature structure, enabling the rotation of the eyeballs to achieve realistic eye movements. When utilizing FinalIK, you can leverage the LookAtIK component to dynamically direct the avatar's gaze towards specific objects or other avatars upon their entry into a designated area. These eye bones, LeftEye and RightEye, can be referenced within the script to facilitate this functionality. Furthermore, the target of the avatar's gaze can be adjusted during runtime to suit various scenarios and interactions within the virtual environment.

Lib Animations and facial tracking

To animate an avatar's face, we currently support two different sets of blend shapes. Oculus Visimes (compatible with Oculus LipSync) and ARKit. Meta's latest facial tracking is also compatible with Ready Player Me avatars by mapping Meta Blendshapes to ARKit. You can find a sample within the Meta Movement SDK (MovementBlendshapeMappingExample).

See the list of all supported blend shapes.

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