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Avatar Shortcodes

Use a single short code instead of a URL to retreive an avatar.
An avatar shortcode is a unique 6-digit combination of numbers and letters that identifies an avatar. You can use this shortcode instead of the URL in most places in your project, for example, to retrieve avatars into your application.
Here is an example of a URL that uses a shortcode:
For users, this is especially useful for VR and mixed reality applications where avatar creation via WebView is difficult and entering a URL is unwieldy.
This is an example of how the shortcode is presented to the user at the end of avatar creation, if enabled.
You can use shortcodes with the Ready Player Me Unity and Unreal Engine SDKs.

Enabling shortcodes

Enable the Avatar Shortcode setting to show users the avatar shortcode. Note that entering or clicking a shortcode in the browser will download the avatar GLB. (Example: