Unreal SDK 3.0.0 Migration guide

Unreal SDK 3.0.0 is a marketplace version, that is designed to replace the old flow of installing and updating the SDK manually via CLI to Unreal Marketplace. This version has a bunch of breaking changes:

  • The plugin is no longer listed under the project Plugins. This is moved now under the Engine Plugins

  • gltfRuntime is no longer listed as a separate plugin. This was merged into the SDK.

  • The folder structure changed a bit for the plugin as well.

Since the folder structure changed, the references to the files were mostly removed, when you updated from the previous version to 3.0.0. The following steps should be done, to migrate to 3.0.0:

  • Remove ReadyPlayerMe and gltfRuntime from the Plugins folder

  • Install Ready Player Me from the Unreal marketplace and enable it for the project

  • Refresh references in your code (Update blueprints and animations to use Ready Player Me from the engine Plugins) If you were using it from the Plugins folder. (Refresh Nodes, Add back the AvatarCreator reference, etc..)

QuickStart example

This example shows how to fix QuickStart when you have moved it into the project.

Replace animation skeletons

  • Once done, you can recompile the ABP_RPM_ThirdPerson Blueprint:

Re-add avatar creator references

  • Add back avatar creator and logo

Add Skeletal mesh references to the BP_RPM_Character

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