VR Avatar Creator

Getting started

Get familiar with the Avatar Creator sample from the SDK. You can learn about it and how everything is set up here.

Make the Avatar Creator VR Ready

For VR applications, integrating the user interface (UI) directly into the 3D scene enhances user experience and interaction. To achieve this, convert the UI canvas into a world canvas, and scale and arrange the UI elements appropriately for the 3D environment. Since the system is built on Unity UI, interactions with the UI elements can be facilitated through Open XR Inputs, allowing for intuitive user engagement.

If you are utilizing the SimpleAvatarCreator from the provided samples, you can easily configure the avatar for full-body tracking by setting the BodyType to Fullbody XR in the Unity Inspector. However, if you have developed a custom avatar creator manager, you must manually switch the body type to Fullbody XR within all AssetSelectionElements to ensure the avatar is properly set up for full-body tracking in VR.

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