Distance-based LODs

Configure distance-based rendering.

Import the code-samples

Open the Unity Package Manager and find the Ready Player Me Core Package.

You can find the code samples on the package manager's right side. Select the sample you want to check out, and click Import.

After importing the AvatarLod sample you can find the code sample in Assets/Samples/Ready Player Me Core/[VERSION_NUMBER]/AvatarLoadingSamples/AvatarLod/AvatarLodExample.cs

This example demonstrates how to load multiple levels of detail (LOD) for avatar meshes and configure distance-based render optimization. By enabling LOD, Unity displays the appropriate LOD level for the rendered avatar based on the avatar's distance from the camera.

Using the Avatar API and Avatar Configurations, this approach downloads multiple avatar LODs, extracts the avatar meshes, and configures the final avatar with LOD support enabled.

This example does not currently support Avatar Configurations with TextureAtlas=None.

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