Setup Final IK

You can use any IK system or create your own IK for Ready Player Me avatars. However, Final IK is a powerful, ready-to-use plugin, that is performance-optimized for VR. Hence, we do recommend using it. Please note, it is a paid plugin from the Unity Asset Store.

Ready Player Me is not affiliated with RootMotion, and as such, we are unable to provide support for its implementation. Should you encounter any issues, we recommend contacting RootMotion directly for assistance.

Purchase and Download Final IK from the Asset Store

Setup VRIK

To configure Final IK for your VR player avatar, add the VR IK component to the avatar's Game Object. Subsequently, connect all necessary references within this component. The root reference should be the avatar's Game Object itself. For the spine, arms, and legs, select the corresponding bones from the Armature Game Object and assign them to the component.

For solver configuration, which is crucial for accurate movement tracking, use transforms to monitor the avatar's hands and head, with an option for leg tracking. Incorporate the Game Objects associated with your XR setup, specifically for the camera/head and the left and right controllers, into the VR IK component by dragging and dropping them.

To fine-tune the rotations and precise positioning, consider utilizing a nested GameObject within each tracked object. This allows for more detailed and specific adjustments to the avatar’s movement and orientation in the VR environment.

For leg animation, it's best to use an idle animation for the lower body.

The upper body, however, is entirely controlled by IK. Therefore it's important to set an animation avatar mask and disable the upper body. Please check out the FinalIK VR Sample Scene VRIK (Animated Locomotion) to see how this is done.

Twist Bones

FinalIK comes with a TwistRelaxer script. It relaxes the twist rotation if the TwistSolver transforms relative to their parent and a child Transforms, using their initial rotations as the most relaxed pose.

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