Asset Entity Properties

This is where you can discover all the attributes associated with an asset entity and understand their respective definitions.


While you might encounter additional properties in the responses from the asset entity APIs, please note that only the properties outlined here are officially supported by us.

Id - string

Automatically generated numeric Identifier of an asset.

Name - string

The name of an asset.

OrganizationId - string

The Id of the asset owner organization.

Locked - boolean

A boolean value which when set to true requires the asset to be unlocked for specific user before it is usable by them.

Type - enum (string)

Defines which body part of the avatar this asset belongs to. Possible values:

  • beard

  • bottom

  • eye

  • eyebrows

  • eyeshape

  • facemask

  • faceshape

  • facewear

  • footwear

  • glasses

  • hair

  • headwear

  • lipshape

  • noseshape

  • outfit

  • shirt

  • top

  • costume

Gender - enum (string)

Defines which avatar genders are supported for this asset. Possible values:

  • male

  • female

  • neutral - asset supports both male & female avatars

ModelUrl* - string

The URL where you can find the GLB model for the asset. NB: This field is available only for the assets that you can see in your Ready Player Me Studio asset manager.

IconUrl - string

The URL where you can find the icon for the asset.

Applications - ApplicationAssetRelation[]

Array of application-asset relations NB: Only returns the relations for applications that belong to the asset owner organization.

Properties: id: Id of the application

organizationId: Application owner organization ID

isVisibleInEditor: boolean which defines if the asset is visible in provided applications avatar editor

masculineOrder: for male/neutral assets, defines the asset order in avatar editor for specified application

feminineOrder: for female/neutral assets, defines the asset order in avatar editor for specified application

HasApps - boolean

A boolean value indicating if this asset is available in any applications or not.

CreatedAt - string

Datetime when this asset was created.

UpdatedAt - string

Datetime when this asset was last updated.

Example Entity

    "id": "145064511",
    "name": "jacket-occassionwear-02",
    "organizationId": "6453d11c462434a35b4abe17",
    "locked": false,
    "type": "top",
    "gender": "neutral",
    "modelUrl": "",
    "iconUrl": "",
    "applications": [
             "id": "6479be53386e0a8665161420",
             "organizationId": "6453d11c462434a35b4abe17",
             "isVisibleInEditor": true,
             "masculineOrder": 1,
             "feminineOrder": 2
    "hasApps": true,
    "createdAt": "2023-02-02T14:39:01.026Z",
    "updatedAt": "2023-02-02T14:39:08.656Z"

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