Avatar preloading

Load an avatar in runtime memory.

Avatar Preloading

The Ready Player Me SDK provides an avatar preloading functionality. Preloading functionality allows the loading of the avatars in the background. The main use case for it is to load the avatars while in the main menu or loading screen and instantiate them immediately when entering the game.

Avatar preloading functionality can also be used along with the Avatar Caching

Avatar preloading is available at runtime and includes support for Avatar Configurations.

Preload Avatar

For preloading, the avatars, use the Preload Avatars Async async action node. This node takes a list of avatar IDs or URLs, the AvatarConfig, TargetSkeleton, and SkeletalMeshConfig(optional) parameters. It is possible to preload multiple versions of the same avatar to be able to use multiple avatar configs.

When the avatars are preloaded, they will be loaded instantly when loading them through the ReadyPlayerMeComponent component.

Clear Memory Cache

If the preloaded avatars are not needed anymore, it's possible to clear the preloaded avatars from the memory using the following blueprint functions.

Keep Loaded Avatars In Memory (optional)

Besides preloading, there is also an option to keep the loaded avatars in memory when loading the avatars from the ReadyPlayerMeComponent component. To enable this functionality, go to the project settings > Ready Player Me and enable the Keep Loaded Avatars In Memory checkbox.

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