Guest Accounts

You can create a Ready Player Me Guest Account for every user on your end. That is helpful when you want to store the state of the avatars and assets for your users without them having a Ready Player Me account. This also reduces friction in the user experience.


  • Get your application id

    For the request, you need an application id. Therefore, you must be signed up in Studio ( and click on the application. You will find the app-id in the header of the application page.

  • Server Component The endpoints should be called from a server to keep your API Key secure. So we recommend you set up a server component and have all guest-account creation logic connected to your user management in the backend.

  • Get your API Key This can be found within Ready Player Me Studio on the left hand navigation panel or directly here. You will need the API Key for all API-Requests. See authorizing requests.

Create a guest account

With an API call, you can create a guest account. You will be returned a user-id for an account that has already authorized your application to create/modify avatars.

POST Request to create a user

Create a guest account






Your API key

Request Body




Your application id

    "data": {
        "partners": [
        "applicationIds": [
        "createdAt": "2023-03-01T15:57:15.517Z",
        "updatedAt": "2023-03-01T15:57:15.517Z",
        "id": "63ff75dbb63b7b5808ab07e0" // userId for the created user

With that User ID from the response, you can then request the token for the iFrame as explained in Account Linking. You can get your app id and create an API Key in Studio.

Transfer avatars and assets to an existing Ready Player Me Account

For users with a guest account, it is also possible to sign in with their existing Ready Player Me account. They will be asked to transfer their avatars and assets from the guest account to their Ready Player Me account.

After clicking on the Sign-In button, the user will be prompted with this message.

The iFrame also emits the event with the new User-ID. You need to replace the User-ID (from your Guest-Account) with the new User-ID (from the regular Ready Player Me Account).

Please note that the guest account is being marked for deletion after merging, and you will be returned a new user-id.

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