Optimize and balance quality and performance.

Take full advantage of the Avatar API to optimize avatars to your needs.

  • Optimize and balance quality and performance.

  • Adjust download speed and fine-tune memory usage on your users' devices..

When you get an Avatar URL from the Avatar Creator, you can append parameters, as shown below.


  1. Create your avatar in the embedded Avatar Creator.

  2. After finishing, you get the base RL of the avatar via postMessage. Example: https://api.readyplayer.me/v1/avatars/6185a4acfb622cf1cdc49348.glb

  3. Append parameters. In this example, request an avatar with fewer triangles (meshLod=2). https://api.readyplayer.me/v1/avatars/6185a4acfb622cf1cdc49348.glb?meshLod=2

  4. Make the request with this URL, and you'll receive a .glb avatar with 50% reduction in polycount.

Check out the Avatar API Documentation to see all options.

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