Avatar Loader Window

Load avatars from the Avatar Loader Window in Unity

The Ready Player Me SDK allows you to preload an avatar from a specific URL, this is useful when you want to download and set up a default avatar or test avatars in the editor. For loading your avatar in-game, refer to the Loading 3D Avatars section. To open the avatar loader, go to Tools > Ready Player Me and select Avatar Loader in the menu.

This will open the loader interface, which includes three fields:

  • Avatar URL: The URL of the avatar you want to load into the scene.

  • Use Eye Animations: Adds the EyeAnimationHandler script to the downloaded avatar, enabling eye-blinking animations. Ensure that the eyeBlinkLeft and eyeBlinkRight morph targets are added in the avatar's configuration settings for this to work correctly.

  • Use Voice To Audio: Adds the VoiceHandler script to the avatar, which animates the mouth based on input from your primary microphone or an audio clip. Ensure that the mouthOpen morph target is added to the avatar configuration for this to work correctly.

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