Avatar Creator (Desktop)

Integrate the Avatar Creator with your Unity desktop project.

This sample project uses our Custom Avatar Creator package for Unity and creates a similar avatar creation experience to the Ready Player Me website but instead uses native Unity UI and web API requests, removing the need for a web browser altogether. This package includes a sample scene that can be imported from the Unity Package manager and used as a reference for adding Ready Player Me avatar creation directly into your Unity Application.

Ready Player Me avatar customization can be added into your project using the Avatar Creator API's and samples we provide in our Unity SDK.

Import the samples

Open the Unity Package Manager and find the Ready Player Me Core Package.

You can find the code samples on the package manager's right side. Find the AvatarCreatorSamples and click Import.

Running the Wizard Avatar Creator sample

This example includes an implementation of a "wizard style" avatar creator that closely matches the original version of the web avatar creator which implemented a step-by-step flow for avatar creation. You will find a number of premade UI components with some customizable settings.

You can run the scene by doing the following:

  1. Locate the WizardAvatarCreator.unity scene file located in Assets/Samples/Ready Player Me Core/VERSION_NUMBER/AvatarCreatorSamples/AvatarCreatorWizard/Scenes folder

  2. Double click to open the scene

  3. Click play to run

To run the Avatar Creator scenes you need to have correctly set your subdomain and appID. This can be set in either the Ready Player Me Setup Guide or Settings window. Please refer to QuickStart for mor information on where to find your subdomain and appID.

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