Mixamo Animations

How to add animations to Ready Player Me avatars.

Ready Player Me full-body avatars are compatible with Mixamo animations and include a Mixamo-compatible full-body skeletal rig that makes it possible to use animations exported from Mixamo. To download and use Mixamo animations on full-body avatars do the following.

  1. Go to www.mixamo.com and log in with your Adobe credentials or create an account.

  2. Select any animation.

  3. Click Download.

  4. In the Download Settings dialog, select the Format as FBX for Unity and the Skin as With Skin. Leave Frames per Second as 30 and Keyframe Reduction as none.

  5. Click Download.

  6. Move the downloaded FBX file and import it into Unity

  7. After importing be sure to set the AnimationType to Humanoid (instead of Generic)

Alternatively, you can make use of our AssetPostprocessor to automatically configure the fbx import settings. To do this create the following directory inside the Assets folder /Ready Player Me/Animations Then just drag/drop the fbx animation asset into this folder.

For use with the Ready Player Me avatar in your project, you need to separate the animation from the FBX file and add it to the Avatar Animator.

  1. Right-click on the FBX file and choose Extract Animation. This creates a new file with your animation.

  2. Double-click Packages > Ready Player Me Avatar Loader > Resources> Avatar Animator.

  3. Drag your animation into the editor and add it to the state machine. (See https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/class-AnimatorController.html)

  4. Run your Game and you should see the animation.

If you are using an SDK version before 1.8.0, you will need to upload animation target files to get an animation based on your avatar's body type.

Upload either FemaleAnimationTargetV2 or MaleAnimationTargetV2 from Assets/Plugins/Wolf3D Ready Player Me SDK/Resources/AnimationTargets to Mixamo. Then follow the same steps.

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