Troubleshooting common problems with the Unity Avatar SDK and known issues/limitations.

Common errors

Avatar not loading on application build

If avatar loading is working in Unity Editor but not on a built application, the GLTFUtility shaders are likely missing. You need to add them to the Always Include Shaders list in the graphics settings to fix this.
Inside the Unity Editor, go to Edit > Project Settings > Graphics look for the Always Include Shaders list. Then add the 4 GLTFUtlility shaders as shown below:

Known issues

Newtonsoft JSON conflict/errors

If you are using a newer version of Unity that comes with one of the packages that depend on the Newtonsoft JSON package (such as the Version Control package). When you import RPM SDK, you will see a DLL file duplication error. If you already have Newtonsoft JSON or a package that depends on it, uncheck the folder in the import window or remove it if you already imported it.

iOS WebView Not Loaded

Webview is supported by iOS 14.3 and newer versions. If you are using any version before 14.3, then it may not work.

Cannot Load an Avatar in Unity 2018

We no longer actively test or develop features for Unity 2018. If your package import is interrupted, please try a reimport of the package to avoid any errors. If you have issues with avatars not loading inbuilt applications, make sure to add the GLTF Utility shaders to the "Always Include Shaders" list in Unity's Graphics Settings.
If you require further support, you can contact us at [email protected].
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