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Unity editor is stuck endlessly importing assets

If Unity gets stuck importing assets after you add our core package via the package manager, it is likely caused by a compilation error or a module failing to import.

A common cause is when our core packages module installer fails to install the glTFast plugin. One of the reasons might be that your machine does not have Git LFS installed, which is required because the glTFast repo uses LFS.

In any case, if Unity gets stuck during this step, you can do the following to complete the installation of our Unity packages.

  1. Manually close and restart the Unity project.

  2. Reopen the project (there will be compilation errors. You can ignore these for now).

  3. Add each missing package by clicking the + icon in the Unity package manager and the appropriate URLs below.

//Ready Player Me WebView

Unable to import any of the Ready Player Me Unity packages

If you are having problems importing any RPM unity packages from the git URL, here are some things to check.

Ensure the git URL is valid.

Unfortunately, Unity doesn't trim the URL's you paste into the package manager. As such, you need to make sure that the URL you are copying and pasting doesn't have any extra characters, like a space at the start or the end.

For example:

// invalid as it has a space before https
// invalid as it has a space after .git
" " 
// valid

Ensure you have Git and Git LFS installed

To add packages from the Unity package manager via Git URL, you must have Git installed on your machine.

In addition, the glTFast packages repository uses Git LFS, and as such, it requires Git LFS to be installed on your machine for it to work correctly. So to prevent errors, make sure this is also installed.

Here are links to download Git and Git LFS.

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