Summary & quick tips

Here, you'll find concise insights and actionable suggestions to ensure a seamless integration that enhances user experiences across your app or game.

✅ Customize the visual elements of the avatar editor to match your app or game's branding using Ready Player Me Studio. This creates a cohesive experience for users. In Ready Player Me Studio, you can customize the Ready Player Me avatar creator based on your brand and needs for it to feel more native. Read more about custom themes here.

✅ Ensure the avatar editor has a responsive layout that adapts well to different screen sizes and orientations, avoiding cramped or out-of-place visuals. A flexible layout that adapts to different screen sizes, orientations, and devices, will guarantee a consistent and comfortable user experience. Users should be able to recognize and navigate your app or game seamlessly, regardless of the device they are using. Read more about responsive layouts here.

✅ Use as much space as possible or full screen for opening the avatar editor for a great and native user experience. Please avoid using headers in your modals that contain Ready Player Me, as this can be redundant and waste valuable space. You can customize the colors and font of the avatar editor in Ready Player Me STUDIO. Read more about making RPM feel native here.

Integrate the avatar creator within relevant sections of your app or game, such as character customization, to enhance user engagement and intuitiveness. Read more about contextual placement here and also about discoverability.

✅ Have a clear icon or copy for opening the avatar creator inside the game or app. Please avoid burying the avatar editor deep within nested menus or submenus. Users should be able to find it easily without excessive navigation. Read more about clear navigation here.

✅ Design interface icons with simplicity and clarity, avoiding unnecessary complexity or confusion. Maintain a consistent visual language across your app or game. Read more about icons here.

✅ Establish a consistent color palette that aligns with your app or game's branding, ensuring readability, visual harmony, and accessibility. Read more about colors here.

Optimize the performance of the avatar editor to ensure smooth and responsive operation within your app or game. Read more about performance optimization here.

Provide a brief onboarding tutorial or walkthrough to help users understand the purpose and location of the avatar editor within your app or game. Read more about onboarding here.

Implement dark and light modes options to accommodate user preferences and enhance the visual experience. Read more about modes here.

Select fonts that reflect your brand's identity and maintain readability. Use visual contrast to highlight important information and create a hierarchy of content. Read more about typography here.

✅ Design mobile layouts that are flexible and adaptive, ensuring a consistent user experience across different devices and orientations. Read more about mobile layouts here.

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