Clear navigation

Ensure intuitive journeys through your platform with our navigation guidelines, promoting clear pathways and logical organization that empower users to effortlessly discover and access content.

Ensure that the avatar editor is easily accessible from the main navigation menu, gameplay or toolbar. It should be prominently placed and labeled with a recognizable icon, button or text. Hiding avatar creation in the menu and not adding it to the core flow of the product is the main weak link for the users.

❌ Avoid burying the avatar editor deep within nested menus or submenus. Users should be able to find it easily without excessive navigation.

❌ Using Ready Player Me logo on a button without an explanation that this is how you create an avatar (not everybody knows us).

❌ Avoid using generic or confusing icons that don't clearly indicate the presence of an avatar editor. Use intuitive and recognizable symbols that suggest customization or personalization.

✅ Having a clear icon or copy for opening avatar editor inside the game or app.

✅ Implement dedicated avatar menus or make them accessible from a profile picture or relatable icon/button and not from settings.

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