FAQ for Unreal Engine

Frequently asked questions by Unreal Engine developers.
Is there a way to cache (store) avatars locally to reuse them without downloading each time?
Starting with Unreal Engine SDK 0.18.0, avatars can be cached at runtime if you enable avatar caching. See Avatar caching.
Can I create an avatar directly in-engine? Without the web interface?
No. It is currently not possible to directly create an avatar inside the engine. You can run the Ready Player Me Avatar Creator website in Unreal Engine 5 using the Web Browser plugin. See Code Samples to see how this works.
How do I use a 3rd person avatar in UE?
See the complete example on GitHub.
Why is there lag when loading an avatar into a scene?
The performance issues or "freezing" when an avatar loads into a scene is a known limitation of the third-party plugin glTFRuntime we use for handling the import of .gltf/glb files. Unfortunately, they do not have a solution at this point.