Immerse users in captivating interfaces by following our color guidelines, designed to create harmonious and accessible palettes that evoke the desired emotions and reinforce brand identity.

Color can improve communication, express your brand, maintain visual consistency, convey status and feedback, and aid in information comprehension. Please keep in mind these best practices when also customizing the avatar editor for your app or game in Ready Player Me Studio.

❌ Avoid using an excessive number of colors within your app or game, as it can lead to visual clutter and confusion. Stick to a concise color palette that allows for clear communication and a cohesive visual experience.

❌ Do not use colors in a haphazard or inconsistent manner, as it can result in confusion or misinterpretation by users. Ensure that the meaning assigned to colors remains consistent across different screens, actions, or elements.

❌ Assign colors that have intuitive and meaningful associations to convey status, feedback, or information. For example, use green to indicate success, red for errors or warnings, and yellow for notifications or attention.

✅ Establish a consistent color palette that aligns with your app or game's branding and visual identity. Use the same set of colors throughout your interface to maintain visual consistency and reinforce your brand.

✅ Ensure that the chosen colors meet accessibility standards to accommodate users with visual impairments. Maintain sufficient color contrast between foreground and background elements to enhance readability and usability.

✅ Utilize color to establish a hierarchy of information and guide users' attention. Employ contrasting colors to highlight important elements or actions(for example active assets in menu, main CTA etc), and use more subdued colors for less prominent or secondary information(back button, non-active menu items etc).

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