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Use Ready Player Me branding in your app, game, and website

If you’re looking to feature Ready Player Me branding in your app, game, website or marketing materials, you can use our brand assets from the Ready Player Me Media Kit. Be sure to follow the brand guidelines detailing the use of our logo and brand colors.

Create marketing materials

Social media templates

The Media Kit also contains ready-to-use social media templates compatible with Photoshop and other apps that support the PSD file format.

How how to use the social media templates

Make sure to install the IBM Plex Sans font.

Templates in this folder are compatible with Photoshop and other apps that support the PSD file format.

  1. Replace the "Your logo" layer with the logo of your company or product. The logo should be light and on a transparent background.

  2. Replace in the "Your partner subdomain" layer with your partner subdomain (i.e.


  1. DO NOT resize the templates. If you want to create posts for other platform, please use a corresponding template file.

  2. DO NOT modify the locked layers (RPM logo, separator line, etc.)

  3. You can pick a different set of avatars from our media kit

  4. You can replace the "Background" layer with a screenshot of your app. Please make sure that it's minimal and doesn't dominate the image.

Avatar files or renders for marketing materials

If you would like to use a custom Ready Player Me avatar for marketing purposes, you can download a GLB file to use in apps like Blender or download a 2D render as a PNG file from the Ready Player Me Hub or use the Avatar REST API.

Launch Ready Player Me integration

Ready Player Me boilerplate or description

If you need a boilerplate or a description of Ready Player Me for your announcement or press release, you can find it here.

Ready Player Me Hub

Users of the Ready Player Me platform and compatible apps and games can create and manage their avatars as well as discover new experiences in the Ready Player Me Hub.

If your integration with Ready Player Me is live (or will be live soon), you can request to list your app/game on the Ready Player Me Hub. This is available to all partners.

β†’ Submit your Ready Player Me Hub listing

Support on social media

Since Ready Player Me’s main focus is providing the best avatar system for developers, we don’t post all partner launch announcements on our own channels. You can still tag or mention Ready Player Me profiles for a chance to be featured:

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