Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me is a cross-game avatar platform. Integrate Ready Player Me avatars into your app or game in less than a day. Supports Web, Unity, Unreal, React Native, Android, and iOS native.
Ready Player Me Features Overview
With the Ready Player Me cross-platform avatar system you can invite your users to create personal avatars and use them inside your app.
The Ready Player Me avatar system has two components.
  • Users create avatars using the Avatar Creator from inside your app, on your partner website, or via their own Ready Player Me account.
  • You integrate the Ready Player Me SDK into your app to fetch user-created avatars and let them come to life in your game or application.
You and your users both benefit from using the Ready Player Me avatar system.
  • You don't have to spend your own resources to design and implement an avatar solution.
  • Users get to bring their own custom avatars into your environments.
  • Ready Player Me works across platforms and across apps and environments.

Avatar Creator

The Avatar Creator is a web-based interface where users can interactively create and customize avatars. The Avatar Creator is available through several integration methods.
  • Users can register, then create and manage their avatar collection at the website.
  • Users can experiment with avatars at the website. You can too!
  • As a registered development partner, you gain access to a personalized partner Avatar Creator domain ( that enables multiple customizing options.
  • From inside your app, you can offer an integrated avatar creation experience.
Avatars created with the Avatar Creator are stored on Ready Player Me servers and can be retreived by users and apps as a .glb file via a persistent and unique URL.

SDKs & Integrations

Ready Player Me can be integrated with a variety of development environments and supports multiple distribution platforms.
For Unity and Unreal Engine we provide an SDK for fast integration. For your mobile and web applications, you can integrate the Avatar Creator directly via the native web-browser-module.

Supported platforms

Development Environment
Distribution Platform (Avatars)
Distribution Platform (Avatar Creator)
All Unity targets
Android, iOS, WebGL, VR and PC via 3rd party WebView plugin such as Vuplex
Unreal Engine
All Unreal Engine targets
React Native
Android, iOS
Android, iOS
iOS Native
Android Native

Who can use Ready Player Me?

You can use Ready Player Me.
Non-commercial use under Creative Commons 4.0
Any avatar created using the Ready Player Me Avatar Creator is available under the Creative Commons 4.0 license, allowing you non-commercial use. Build demos, enhance your class work, or experiment just for fun.
Commercial use a a registered partner
If you want to integrate Ready Player Me avatars into a commercial app or game, you must register as a partner, and then you can use Ready Player Me avatars for free in your product.

How much does it cost?

Ready Player Me is available and free to all developers for non-commercial use.
Ready Player Me is available and free to registered partners for commercial use.

Can I mint Ready Player Me avatars as NFTs?

You are not allowed to mint any Ready Player Me avatars as NFTs, even if you are a registered partner.

Who is using Ready Player Me today?

Over 3000 developers are using Ready Player Me avatars in their applications.
To explore the ever growing list, see:
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