AI Texture

Create unique modular assets with AI tools.

AI texture in Asset Designer allows you to create unique modular assets (tops, bottoms, shoes) for Ready Player Me avatars through AI styles and prompts, and save them to Asset Manager in Studio to be used in your applications.

AI texture is an experimental feature and you might encounter issues. You can share them with us: here.


  • Personalize the end-user experience by creating unique modular assets through AI.

  • Create unique modular assets without leaving Developer Studio.

  • Ensure theme consistency by specifying a style.

  • Explore different texture possibilities with or without text prompts.

  • Enable and disable created assets in your application.


  • Explore available modular assets

    • Three categories: Tops, Bottoms, and Shoes.

  • Style

    • Selecting a style will ensure that the created texture will fit the style.

    • Up to 31 style choices.

  • Texture prompts

    • Guide texture generation with the use of text prompts.

    • You can also generate textures without any text prompts.

    • Note: texture generation can take up to 2 minutes

  • Preview

    • Generated texture will be reflected on the selected asset.

  • Save

    • Generated assets can be saved directly to Asset Manager in Studio, where you can assign them to your application.

    • Note: each asset has to be saved individually, it is not possible to generate multiple assets and save them in bulk at the moment.

Step-by-step guide

  • Go to Asset Designer

  • Choose AI Texture

  • Select an asset you would like to use

  • Select a style

    • Style will work without a prompt as well

  • Enter a prompt

    • Text prompts can be used without a style as well

  • Click Generate

  • Wait for the preview to show the generated asset within Asset Designer

  • Save the asset to Asset Manager in Studio

  • Go to Asset Manager to enable it for your application

If you would like to create your own textures by using a template, see Create Modular Assets.

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