Android Native

How to integrate Ready Player Me into Android native applications.
You can use Ready Player Me to add avatars to your native Android application.
This example showcases running the Avatar Creator in a native Android WebView and retrieving the avatar URL.
Find the integration example built for Android Kotlin on GitHub.
Download the example code (or look at it in GitHub).
  • Folder: /app/src/main/java/com/kotlin/readyplayerme/
There are 4 files:
  • MainActivity.kt - Launches a WebViewActivity for the user to create or update an avatar.
  • WebViewActivity.kt - Creates a WebView, gets camera and storage permissions, launches the Ready Player Me website, and waits for data to be returned.
  • WebViewInterface.kt - Receives the event data, handles extracting the avatar url, copies it to the clipboard, and displays it in an alert dialog. Once you received the avatar URL, you can use a 3D renderer of your preference to display it.
  • CookieHelper.kt
If you are already a Ready Player Me partner, you can go to res/values/strings.xml and change the partner_subdomain string value to use your subdomain name instead of demo.