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Engine-Native Avatar Creator

Integrate and customize the Ready Player Me Avatar Creator with your Unity game or app.
The Unity SDK provides all functionality to build your own avatar creator within Unity. It allows you to use all the assets and the backend of Ready Player Me. A ready to use examples will help you to get started.
The Avatar Creator sample built in Unity


AppID must belong to the subdomain you set; otherwise, authorization will fail.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows/Mac/Linux Standalone
  • Android (also mobile VR)
  • iOS


Follow the steps in this Guide on GitHub to run the sample.

Customizing Guide

Learn how to customize the sample or create your own Avatar Creator UI from scratch. Check out the customizing guide on GitHub.


  • Camera support is currently only available for PCs using Unity's webcam native API.
  • Unity does not have a native file picker, so we have discontinued support for this feature.
  • To add support for a camera on other platforms or a file picker, you must implement it yourself.