Android Native
How to integrate Ready Player Me into Android native applications.
You can use Ready Player Me to add avatars to your native Android application.
Integration example built for Android Kotlin can be seen on GitHub:
Once you download our example take a look at the MainActivity class. You will see how WebViewActivity is created for creating a new avatar or updating the existing avatar.
WebViewActivity will load the Ready Player Me website and from this point user will be able to create an avatar or customize an existing avatar.
After the Next button in Ready Player Me is clicked, the process for preparing your avatar will start, and then once it is ready WebViewInterface class will receive the event data. In this class the avatar URL is extracted and provided for your use, following an example where it is copied to the clipboard and displayed in a modal window.
Once you received the avatar URL you can use a 3D renderer of your preference to display it.
If you are already a Ready Player Me partner, you can go to res/values/strings.xml and change the partner_subdomain string value to use your subdomain name. In the example, it will be set to demo.
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