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4. Optimize

Adjust avatar details and textures for better performance.
You can optimize Ready Player Me avatars to match with your available compute and graphics power. Choose maximum details or fine-tune visual quality to meet your performance goals.
How an avatar appears using different LODs.

Levels of detail (LODs)

Choose from three different mesh LODs: High (default), Medium (75% polygon count), or Low (50% polygon count).
Learn how to load different LODs

Texture size

Texture size is a big part of the overall avatar size. The maximum and default texture size is 1024x1024. The minimum you can choose is 256x256.
Limit texture size to reduce avatar size

Texture atlassing

To save compute time when loading and unloading avatars, combine all textures into one texture atlas. Using a texture atlas reduces the number of draw calls.
However, for some use cases, it might be beneficial to have all textures separately.
The texture atlas is generated for all PBR channels used by avatar assets: baseColor, normal, metallicRoughness, emissive, and occlusion.
Learn how to configure texture atlassing

Morph targets (aka Blendshapes)

Morph targets can bloat the size of an avatar, so choose the minimum necessary morph targets for your use case and LODs.
Learn how to select morph targets

Draco compression (Unreal Engine)

Draco is an open-source library for compressing and decompressing 3D geometric meshes. When you require morph targets, Draco compression can reduce the file size dramatically.
Learn how to enable Draco