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2. Integrate

Learn how to load 3D avatars, a render of an avatar, integrate the ready-to-use Avatar Creator, and animate your avatars.
Integration example using 3D avatars and the Avatar Creator in game.

Load 3D avatars and 2D renders

In the Quickstart Guide you loaded your first 3D avatar into your development environment. Depending on your use case, you can load 3D full-body and half-body avatars, or 2D renders of an avatar, into your runtime environment, or save them in your project, for example, to use for NPCs.

Avatar Creator setup and integration

You can get your own Avatar Creator subdomain and configure it for your game or app.
You can integrate the ready-to-use and customizable Avatar Creator directly into your game or app using a WebView or an iframe.

Animate your avatars

Ready Player Me full-body avatars are compatible with Mixamo animations and include a Mixamo-compatible full-body skeletal rig that makes it possible to use animations exported from Mixamo.
You can request avatars with multiple blend shapes (morph targets) for facial expressions. Ready Player Me supports Oculus LipSync Visimes, Apple ARKit, and additional Ready Player Me-specific blend shapes.