List your app or game in the Ready Player Me Hub
Integrate your app with the Ready Player Me avatar platform
The Ready Player Me Hub allows users to create and manage their avatars and import them to supported applications with one click. If they want to try out a new app that supports Ready Player Me avatars, all they have to do is sign in with their account. Here's what the Hub means for you as a Partner.
Users are able to visit the Hub only on the Ready Player Me website while the Hub is not reachable from your partner subdomain. Users, however, are able to sign in and retrieve their existing avatars or easily create a new one within any partner app.
Creating a Ready Player Me account is entirely optional for the user.

Use "Sign in with Ready Player Me"

By default, all Ready Player Me partner subdomains have access to the Ready Player Me Single Sign-In, letting users sign in with their account and import one of their existing avatars or create a new one. If the specific partner subdomain uses a custom avatar configuration, the avatar selected by the user will be automatically converted to meet the requirements.

List your app in the Ready Player Me Hub

The Ready Player Me Hub lets users discover apps and games where they can use their avatars.
When you apply to become a partner, you are asked to leave information that will be used to list your app as "Coming Soon." That includes your app's logo, short description, and website.
When you're ready to launch, you can contact the Wolf3D team to complete your Ready Player Me Hub listing with the remaining details:
  • A cover image (1280x720, JPG)
  • A longer description of your app
  • Additional media (screenshots, promotional images, embedded videos)
  • Instructions on how to connect an avatar to your app
When your app gets listed in the Ready Player Me Hub, it will be available on the Discover Apps page.
Example app listing

Coming soon: Wardrobe

The Wardrobe will let users store limited-time and collectible avatar customization options, including outfits, hairstyles, headwear, masks, etc. We are going to share more details about this feature in the coming weeks.