Validation tool for Blender

In order to complete uploading, an asset has to pass validation.
In order to complete uploading in Ready Player Me Studio, and be available to users, an asset has to meet Ready Player Me requirements. The Ready Player Me Asset Validation tool tests an asset and provides a list of issues for you to fix so it can pass validation.
  • This tool is still under development.
  • The Validation tool is currently only available for Windows.

Installation and Setup

  1. 2.
    Extract the files on your local machine (into a folder that's not called BlenderTools).
  2. 3.
    Start Blender 3.0
  3. 4.
    Open Edit > Preferences.
  4. 5.
    In the Blender Preferences window, in the left-hand navigation, click File Paths.
  5. 6.
    At the top, expand the Data tab.
  6. 7.
    In Scripts, add the BlenderTools folder.
  7. 8.
    Exit and restart Blender with admin rights. For example, on Windows, right-click the Blender icon and choose Run As Administrator.
  8. 9.
    Select Edit > Preferences.
  9. 10.
    In the left-hand navigation, click Add-ons.
  10. 11.
    At the top, make sure that Enabled Add-ons Only is unchecked.
  11. 12.
    At the top right, enter "pyblish" into the search bar.
    • This should display two add-ons. If they do not appear, check for folder nesting from unzipping (that is commonly, BlenderTools/BlenderTools!).
  12. 13.
    Enable the plugins Generic: Pyblish Blender and Generic: Pyblish Wolf3D. (Ignore the warning triangle.)
  13. 14.
    Click the small dropdown arrow to the left of Generic: Pyblish Blender.
  14. 15.
    Click Install Dependencies (it will turn blue). If everything went well, you should now see the PyQt5 version displayed.
  15. 16.
    Type "validator" in the search bar.
  16. 17.
    Enable the Generic: Ready Player Me - asset validator plugin.
  17. 18.
    Restart Blender. You do not need to run it as administrator.
  18. 19.
    In the 3D Viewport Editor, locate the new Validation GUI tab.
  19. 20.
    Click Validation GUI to open the Validation tool.
Notice the Import & Validate button next to Validation GUI. - It allows you to import a glTF file and run it through the validator with just a few clicks.

Using the Validation tool

Click Validation GUI to validate the current Scene. Or click Import & Validate to choose a glTF file to run through the validator.
The validator window displays all assets found in the current Scene on the left side.
  • Click Check All to check your current Scene. (There is no feedback.)
  • Click on an asset for a list of its passed and failed tests.
    • Checks that failed show in red.
    • Checks that succeeded show in green.
    • Checks that are warnings show in orange. We recommend you fix them as well.
  • Click on a test for more details on it in the pane above.
  • For detailed information on a check, right-click it and visit the documentation page.
The Validation tool for Blender is still under development
  • Some results may not be accurate.
  • The documentation is a work in progress.