3D Avatars

Get an avatar 3D GLB file with desired performance settings and other configuration.
Get avatar an GLB by id or by short code.

Parameters, expected values, and examples

ID or Shortcode of an avatar.

Expected Values (String)

  • 6185a4acfb622cf1cdc49348.glb
  • ABC123.glb


You must include the .glb file extension or you will get a 404 return value.
You can get an avatar id or short code via postMessage returned from Ready Player Me. You can read more about how to do that here.
Without any of the optional parameters, the avatar gets returned based on default values.
Request avatar by ID
Request avatar by short code
Returned value
You will receive a standardized .glb file. You can import and modify this file in any 3D software that supports this format.
Control the triangle count of the returned avatar.
Expected Values (Number)
  • 0 - No triangle count reduction is applied (default).
  • 1 - Retain 70% of the original triangle count.
  • 2 - Retain 50% of the original triangle count.
Request an avatar with meshLod 2
Set the upper limit for texture resolution in pixels of any texture in the avatar.
Expected Values (Number)
The value needs to be a multiple of two.
  • Min: 256
  • Max 1024 (default)
Request an avatar with textureSize limited to 512 x 512
Generate a texture atlas of the desired resolution. This operation merges all meshes and splits opaque objects from transparent ones resulting in a maximum of 2 draw calls.
The texture atlas is generated for all PBR channels - baseColor, normal, metallicRoughness, emissive, and occlusion if any of the assets making up the avatar includes them.
Expected Values (String, Number)
  • none - Do not create a texture atlas (default)
  • 256 - Create a texture atlas of 256x256px.
  • 512 - Create a texture atlas of 512x512px.
  • 1024 - Create a texture atlas of 1024x1024px.
Disable texture atlas:
Create 512px texture atlas:
Atlasing on - 1 draw call (without transparent objects)
Atlassing off - 9 draw calls (without transparent objects)
Comma-separated list of individual morph targets or morph target standard groups to include on the avatar.
Expected Values (String)
  • Default
  • ARKit
  • Oculus Visemes
  • + or any morph targets, separated with comma from the list here.
The default value is "Default,ARKit,Oculus Visemes".
Disable all morph targets
Use selected morph targets ?morphTargets=mouthSmile,mouthOpen
Use morph target standard groups ?morphTargets=ARKit,Oculus Visemes
Use selected morph targets and standard group ?morphTargets=mouthSmile,ARKit
Define the pose for a full-body avatar.
Expected Values (String)
  • A - Create a full-body avatar in A pose (default).
  • T - Create a full-body avatar in T pose.
Only applies to full-body avatars.
Create an avatar in T-pose:
Create an avatar in A-pose:
Reduce the file size by compressing output avatars with Draco mesh compression.
Expected Values (Boolean)
  • true - Enable compression.
  • false -No compression (default).
Draco mesh compression is disabled by default for maximum compatibility for various glTF loaders.
Request an avatar with Draco mesh compression turned on
Toggle hands for half-body VR avatars.
Expected Values (Boolean)
  • false - Do not include hands with half-body VR avatars.
  • true - Include hands with half-body VR avatars (default).
Only applies to half-body avatars.
Enable hands for half-body VR avatars
The default values above only apply when you have not requested any changes to those settings previously. Please reach out to [email protected] if you want to reset your default settings.