2D Avatars

Get a 2D render of an avatar for stickers, profile pictures, and more.
Get avatar 2D render by id.

Parameters, expected values, and examples

ID of an avatar with .png file extension.
Expected values (String)
  • 6185a4acfb622cf1cdc49348.png
It may take some time to render the image in the backend for the initial request. For subsequent requests, the images will be fetched from cache and delivered much faster.
Request avatar render by ID.
Returned value
You will receive a .png image.
Name of portrait type to render.
Expected values (String)
  • fullbody-portrait-v1 - Creates a portrait from a full-body avatar...
  • fullbody-portrait-v1-transparent - ... with transparent background (default).
  • halfbody-portrait-v1 - Creates a portrait from a half-body avatar...
  • halfbody-portrait-v1-transparent - ... with transparent background (default).
  • fullbody-posture-v1-transparent - Creates a portrait with a pose from a full-body avatar.
Request avatar render with transparent fullbody posture
Request avatar render for full body portrait on dark background
Map of 3D meshes to their blend shapes.
Expected values (String) blendShapes[Wolf3D_Head][mouthSmile]=0.2 } - Wolf3D_Head is the node in the avatar being affected. mouthSmile is an example for a blend-shape included in the avatar.
You can find all available blend shapes here.
You can combine multiple blend shapes by concatenating them with an & as shown in the following example:
Request of a smiling avatar[Wolf3D_Head][mouthSmile]=0.8
Returned value
You will receive a .png image of a smiling avatar