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Avatar Creator V2

Integrate our latest Avatar Creator via iframe or WebView.
Welcome to Avatar Creator V2, our latest avatar creation tool designed to provide a superior user experience on the web and through web view integrations.
This document will introduce you to the key features of this new version and explain how it compares to our previous editor.

Key features and advantages

Avatar Creator V2 introduces several significant improvements:
  • Enhanced user experience: A faster time-to-fun experience that removes all unnecessary steps, allowing users to create and personalize their avatar with just a few clicks.
  • Improved speed and performance: Thanks to the improvement in loading times and stability, now we are able to deliver a more robust experience.
Visual performance comparison:

Main Differences

One notable difference between Avatar Creator V2 and the old editor is the streamlined interface. Unlike the old editor, Avatar Creator V2 eliminates the need for separate screens for gender, avatar type selections, and quick start. When you navigate to /avatar-v2, the editor opens instantly, displaying an avatar on the screen right from the start.
Streamlined editing experience:
As highlighted earlier, we have undertaken significant enhancements to provide a faster and more efficient editing experience. Notably, we have eliminated all preceding screens that used to require user interaction before reaching the editor itself.
  • Instant Rendering: When you navigate to the editor path (/avatar-v2), you'll immediately notice the difference. Avatar rendering now occurs instantly upon entry, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple screens to configure your avatar.
  • Random Avatar Selection: This feature allows you to quickly shuffle through our templates and choose a random one with a single click, enhancing the speed of the customization process.
  • Simplified Gender Selection: The traditional Gender picking screen has been replaced with a streamlined gender switch directly in the editor. This allows you to specify your gender preference seamlessly, eliminating the extra step of navigating to a separate screen.
  • Effortless Selfie Capture: The need for a separate selfie screen is now a thing of the past. In Avatar Creator V2, we've integrated a convenient "Take a photo" button right within the editor. This ensures that capturing a selfie for your avatar is a swift and effortless process.

Query Parameter Functionality

In Avatar Creator V2, the "id" query parameter serves a crucial role:
  • If an "id" query parameter is specified, Avatar Creator V2 loads the corresponding avatar.
  • For registered and guest users, not providing an "id" parameter will redirect them to the "Choose avatar" page.
  • Anonymous users will have the last used avatar loaded in the editor automatically if they don't specify an "id" parameter.
Please note that the new editor has certain limitations:
  • Quick-start: As quick-start screen does not exist anymore (it’s replaced with “Random avatar” button), the “quickStart” query parameter is not supported either.

User Session restoration, account linking and Token Parameter

To restore user sessions, you can still utilize the "token" parameter. For detailed information on how to use this parameter, please refer to our documentation at Login on Behalf of a User and Request a Token.
Post Message API and Event Consistency
Avatar Creator V2 maintains consistency with the previous version regarding emitted events, as outlined in our public documentation. The Post Message API, used for communication and interaction with the editor, continues to function seamlessly, ensuring that existing integrations and workflows remain unchanged. This means that the events you've come to rely on for real-time updates and interactions with the editor will still be available, allowing for a smoother transition to Avatar Creator V2.
We encourage you to refer to our documentation for detailed information on utilizing the Post Message API to enhance your integration with the new editor.

Testing the Avatar Creator V2

For testing purposes, we can provide V2 access to specific users of yours, or alternatively to a separate staging subdomain, if you have one.
This will allow you to test and explore the enhanced functionality at your convenience before migrating your entire integration to it. Please contact the RPM team to arrange this.
We encourage partners to thoroughly test the new feature and provide us with feedback. Your input is invaluable in ensuring the feature's success.

Transitioning the integration to Avatar Creator V2

  1. 1.
    When you are ready to make the transition to Avatar Creator V2, please reach out to our support team or designated contact point.
  2. 2.
    Inform us of your readiness to switch to V2 and we will initiate the transition process for you.
  3. 3.
    During the transition, we will seamlessly switch your editor version, ensuring that your integration continues to access the service through the same path. The transition will be smooth, with minimal disruption.
  4. 4.
    We are committed to providing support and assistance throughout the transition process to address any questions or concerns you may have.


Avatar Creator V2 offers a faster, more powerful, and user-friendly editing experience. The elimination of separate screens streamlines the process, and the query parameter functionality ensures a seamless experience for all users. We hope you find Avatar Creator V2 to be a valuable upgrade for your avatar editing needs.