Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Ready Player Me.

How do I add Ready Player Me avatars to my app?

Want to add Ready Player Me avatars to your application and join the list of over 40 partners? No problem! Contact us at [email protected] and we will get you set up with a custom subdomain.

How much does it cost to use your SDK?

Our SDK is free to use for developers and free for the end users. Reach out to us to sign a licensing agreement: [email protected]

Can I use your SDK for a commercial project for free?

Yes! You just need to sign a simple Ready Player Me license agreement. Contact us for more details: [email protected]

How can you offer the SDK for free?

The core of our business is our technology to big companies like HTC, Wargaming, and Tencent. Ready Player Me is a new product and we are currently focused on getting it to the market – not monetization.

Do you plan to monetize Ready Player Me in the future?

Yes. In the future, we want to create a digital asset store where artists, brands, and developers will be able to sell customization options for the avatars. The revenue will be split between us, the assets’ creators, and Ready Player Me partners.

Do you collect photos from people who create avatars?

We collect photos solely to create avatars and improve avatar generation quality. We only do so with your prior consent. You can find a more detailed description in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use listed on

What types of avatars do you support?

Ready Player Me can be used to create half-body avatars suitable for VR applications as well as full-body avatars for applications that support them.

Who is using Ready Player Me today?

Ready Player Me is integrated into over 40 different gaming & VR applications - VRChat,, MeetinVR, WondaVR to name a few.

Do the end-users have to use or can I offer an in-app avatar creator?

You can do both! We set up a custom sub-domain for you (i.e. You can implement the avatar creator as an iframe into your app.

What platforms do you support?

Ready Player Me avatars can be created on any device capable of WebGL rendering, that is all modern web browsers.

For developers, we provide integration guidelines & SDKs for integrating Ready Player Me avatars into the web, Unity, Unreal Engine, and native mobile applications.

Can I add custom content?

We're working towards opening Ready Player Me up for content submissions from the community.

We're open to discussing custom (branded) content with select partners! Reach us at [email protected].

I have a feature request or found a problem!

You can reach us via [email protected] to submit a ticket or connect with the community on Discord and we'll help you out!