Loading Mixamo Animations in Unity
Ready Player Me full-body avatars are compatible with Mixamo animations. To download and use animations on full-body avatars follow these steps:
  • Go to www.mixamo.com and log in.
  • Upload either FemaleAnimationTargetV2 or MaleAnimationTargetV2 from Assets/Plugins/Wolf3D Ready Player Me SDK/Resources/AnimationTargets to Mixamo. You can find this folder by clicking on the Reveal Animation Targets Folder button on the editor window.
Upload the Animation Target to Mixamo
  • After Mixamo completes processing the animation target, pick an animation of your choice, and then click on the download button.
Click on Download button after selecting an animation
  • When the download settings dialogue shows up, select format as FBX for Unity and skin as With Skin and finally, click on the download button.
Download the animation file with the given settings
Animation files for the corresponding outfit gender must be placed into the correct folder! This will make sure the animation files get processed and play correctly.
Animations generated using FemaleAnimationTarget*.FBX must be placed under Assets\Plugins\Wolf3D Ready Player Me SDK\Resources\Animations\Female
And animations generated using MaleAnimationTarget*.FBX must be placed under Assets\Plugins\Wolf3D Ready Player Me SDK\Resources\Animations\Male
Last modified 2mo ago
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