Unity Avatar SDK

In this ReadyPlayerMe guide, you will learn how to import and set up our ReadPlayerMe Unity package and import our avatars both inside the editor and at runtime.

Make sure you have partner space in yourappname.readyplayer.me Not a partner yet? Become a partner and we'll get you set up quickly! You can also use demo.readyplayer.me to test the integration.

Getting Started

Download our latest version of the ReadyPlayerMe Unity package from our releases page. Next, open up the Unity project you want to use.

Once your Unity project is open, you can import the package from the top Unity Editor toolbar via Assets > Import Package > Custom Package . Then from the file explorer select the ReadyPlayerMe Unity package and import. A window will pop up, hit "OK" to start importing the package into the project.

You can also import a Unity package by dragging and dropping it into the Project tab in the Unity window