Become a partner
Add Ready Player Me avatars to your app
You can apply to become a partner and add Ready Player Me avatars to your app by submitting this form, and we'll get back to you shortly!
Upon submission, we'll set up your custom subdomain, which will allow us to further configure your partner space.
You can always reach out to us at [email protected] as well!

What do you get as a partner?

    You can continue to use Ready Player Me for free.
    Your website will be featured on our Partners page and in a list of supported apps and games coming soon to our avatar creator.
    You will get a customizable partner space with your company’s branding, subdomain, and your own Avatar Configuration.
    You will have our support in case you run into an issue.
    We will share regular updates about Ready Player Me in our newsletter for partners.
    We will share revenue with you when we monetize Ready Player Me by selling premium avatar assets to end-users.
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